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These versions of language bundles came with TM 1.0.2. The original release notes are here. More recent bundles are at the front page

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(download) By Rob Bevan
This adds syntax colouring and a ‘Test Movie in Flash’ command, so you can select a .fla file in your project and have it open and run in Flash. I’ll be adding Snippets etc. later.
(download) By Dominique PERETTI
Different syntax coloring.
(download) By Isaac Rivera
More specific syntax coloring.

ASP (Classic, VBScript) (download) By Rich Barton
Contains ASP and ASP-HTML syntaxes. Based on Justin’s PHP bundle, so suffers the same shortcomings, i.e. ASP blocks aren’t recognised within double quotes in HTML elements, or within tag braces but outside quotes. Uses inline JavaScript and CSS highlighting. Complete ASP object reference and VBScript function list. Also contains a few snippets. Feedback/modifications welcome.

C (download) By Daniel Leibu
Minor changes the indentation style of the standard C plugin that is bundles with TM (see homepage for more details).

C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ and Unix (download) By Chris Thomas

Inform (download) By Chris Thomas
Simple Inform syntax highlighting and folding.

JavaScript (a.k.a ECMA Script, ECMA-262) (download) By Caio Chassot
Just syntax highlighting so far.

LaTeX (download) By Gaetan Le Guelvouit
Syntax highlighting for LaTeX and BibTex files.

(update) by Eric Hsu
I updated the above LaTeX bundle by GLG to handle the case where you want a $ (\$) and to have a new command ‘Send to TeXShop’, which will have TeXShop open the file. If you set TS to ‘Configure for External Editor’, then it will automatically turn the .tex file into a PDF.

(another update) by Andrew Ellis
I updated Eric’s bundle to include colouring for paragraphs, subequations, citet and citep (natbib), and generally changed the colouring. I also changed Gaetan’s Bibtex plist: it now calls itself Bibtex instead of Bibtext and no longer colours the @ in email addresses.
There is also an ‘insert figure’ snippet, and commands for ‘comment/uncomment’ and ‘open in iTeXMac’ (I prefer it to TeXShop ;-)).

(bug corrections) By Gaetan Le Guelvouit
I updated my initial highlighting scheme to take into account remarks from Eric and Andrew (i.e. \$, \citep and \citet, \paragraph, etc. in LaTeX files and @... in Bibtex). I also corrected some bugs:

(added snippets) By Normand Mousseau
I have added a number of snippets to the bundle by Gaetan Le Guelvouit to generate structures such as equations, figures, tables, etc. To avoid conflict all the triggers start with a capital letter. (Corrected the bundle at 17:05)

(15/10/04) New version. I have also corrected the call to TexShop to allow for spaces (as done properly by Eric Hsu). Also added a return on the last line of the snippets to allow an exit of the structures using tab, to go with the latest beta of TextMate.

Logtalk (download) By Paulo Moura
First release of a Logtalk mode. Includes support for syntax highlighting, folding, automatic indentation when writing predicates, and several code snippets for defining objects, protocols, categories, and predicates.

MATLAB/Octave (download) By Stephen Thomas
First cut at a relatively complete package for MATLAB and/or Octave. Includes syntax coloring, folding, indents, plus commands for inline help and execution and a template for external functions.

This is fantastic, however, it’s not quite there yet. Matlab uses % for comments, you might want to change that. Another thing is that the transpose operator isn’t coloured correctly, ie. ‘matlab’ is a string, but matlab’ is a transposed matrix (I tried but couldn’t quite get it right). If you want to contact me, my email is AndrewEllis

Mono/C# (download) By Ian Phillips
At the moment just sets up syntax colouring and adds commands to compile and run files, and run NAnt build files; also included is a template for new class files. To get the NAnt command working you’ll have to edit it to point at your real NAnt installation location.

The NAnt command now uses the TM_CURRENT_WORD to select a build target (default to all if no word is selected). There’s also syntax highlighting for the build file.

OCaml (download) By William Douglas Neumann
TextMate gets all functional!
This bundle contains two syntax coloring schemes—one light, one dark—as well as a few basic snippets.

OpenACS Tcl & ADP (download) By Lars Pind
Far from perfect, but a first step on the way, here’s syntax highlighting for OpenACS Tcl and ADP files for use with TextMate for the Mac. Let’s just say it’s GPL, so enjoy, make it better, and share back. Still no snippets, commands, or any of the other stuff you can do, but it’s a start

(download) By Gregg
So I went and made a weak little Perl syntax bundle for TextMate. Right now it’s mostly cribbed off the PHP one.

(updated 10-17-04) By Eric Hsu
Another quickie Perl syntax bundle for TextMate. This one seems to have more keywords than Gregg’s.


PHP Smarty (download) By James Spahr
Smarty is a templating system for PHP. Anyone is welcome to download and modify at as they please. Of note : a complete php function list is included in the php syntax file. I’m quite please with the Smarty coloring, all html elements are in cool and muted tones, and all smarty template logic is in saturated and warm tones – it’s rather easy to see what’s what.

PList Syntax Highlighting
(download) By Jeroen van der Ham
A syntax highlighting file for syntax highlighting ASCII-PList files and a template file (with some comments and pointers). Any input is welcome at jeroen at os3 dot nl.

(download) By Daniel Leibu
Provides basic syntax highlighting (keywords, numeric values, strings, string substitution, function/method/class definitions) and folding. The folding relies on ending a function/method/class with line containing the same indentation as the original definition (see homepage for more details).

(download) By Philipf
Dark on light theme with colors from Dive into Python Recognizes 2.3 keywords and built-ins. Numerics pattern disabled. Snippets for class and function definitions can be downloaded separately.

(download) By Jeroen van der Ham
Was not happy with the above two, so I fiddled around and mixed the features of both of the above. I rewrote the folding start to a single regexp, but can’t get the folding stop to work correctly. Any input is welcome at jeroen at os3 dot nl.
Warning: This one is white on black.

(download) By Bob Fleck
Yet another python mode. Merges elements of the above three with expanded keyword, built-in function, and built-in exception tables from emacs python mode. Also has folding for various sequence initializers and snippets for several control flow keywords. (Note: use ‘iff’ for ‘if’, since C mode is using ‘if’.) This one is also white on black. Please send comments to Updated on Oct. 19, 2004 with fixes to keyword/built-in highlighting and simplified snippets.

SQL (download) by Carl Forde
Basic SQL mode syntax highlighting for SQL, DDL & DML files with a PostgreSQL bent. Feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome.