Make sure you have a proper endpoint configured for your blog. The endpoint format for Movable Type looks like this:
-------------------------------------- ------------- -
                  (1)                      (2)      (3)
  1. This portion (minus the 'mtuser@') should match your 'CGIPath' (or 'AdminCGIPath' if so configured) setting for Movable Type. The 'mtuser' part is your Movable Type user id.
  2. This is the XMLRPC CGI script for Movable Type. You probably don't need to change this at all. But if you have renamed yours, adjust this to match.
  3. The last piece (following the "#" character) is the blog id for the blog you're posting to.

Known Issues

  • Namely category assignment. But it already works with the tagging features of the soon-to-be-released Movable Type 3.3!

Extra Support

The author of the Blogging bundle is one of the developers of Movable Type.