IDL Bundle Overview

Now updated for IDL 7.0 (at least the function list) thanks Mike!

Fixed "empty match" bug that lead to TextMate spitting out LONG error lines to the Console.log file and could lead to 100sMB (or GB) sized log files.

Hmmm, haven't really done anything here in a while as everything I need seems to work... also, there probably doesn't need to be a link to this page from the main "bundles" page but that appears to be automatically generated...


Current interface (esp keybindings) is likely to change as people use it and figure out what conflicts with what.


Current features :

  • Code completion for builtin routines (just hit escape)
  • Syntax Highlighting : Keywords, builtin routines, system variables, system commands
  • Folding
  • Indenting
  • Recognizes a program's function names and parameters
  • IDL documentation search :
- open IDL's builtin HTML help libraries
- search IDL's builtin HTML help libraries
- run DOC_LIBRARY to build help files
  • tab completion for common control forms
  • new program template
  • passes commands back and forth with a persistent IDL session!
  • pseudo commandline interface to IDL builtin
  • compiling
  • display IDL help
  • debugging keyboard shortcuts
  • numerous other useful shortcuts


  • documentation needs to be written
  • issues with highlighting local function/procedure names and parameters (some object stuff works now)

To Do :

add features you would like to see here...

  • code completion - tab to complete local and builtin function/procedure names with default parameters currently esc completes builtin function
  • support for IDL objects and structures
  • multiple persistent IDL processes (somehow associated with a single document window) possibly add a line to the top of the code with a process ID??
  • electric debug mode
  • treat single, double, and triple ; comments as IDLWAVE mode does
  • continue comment in doc header should read the number of tabs/spaces used previously rather than inserting the default number everytime
  • review IDLWAVE mode for other useful features to add
  • add the IDL bundle to TM's svn repository

Interaction with IDL

  • view help for current variable
  • more interaction!

A few recent thoughts on the IDL bundle development :

Not sure if I'm going to bother writing more detailed code completion, the builtin completion (after supplying a list of completions) is pretty good. I might see about adding default parameters for them though.

Wish I would, but know I won't...(at least not soon) :

It would be great to have a simple plugin that displays all current IDL variables and their values... and maybe highlights the current position in the code... and errors... I might get to some of this...

If you use the IDL bundle, please note it at the TextMate Poll (click the edit link at the bottom of the page)

Maintainers :