"What do the Behavior Menu options mean?"

  • Freehanded edit: Allow caret to be moved past end-of-line
  • Overwrite mode: Overwrite instead of insert typed characters
  • Tab emulation: Use spaces instead of tabs (and treat multiple spaces as a tab)
  • Smart typing: Insert ), }, ", etc. when typing (, {, ", etc.
  • Indented paste: Will re-indent pasted text to match current context
  • Tab expands snippets: Controls if a snippet can be inserted by typing its trigger and pressing tab.

In 1.1b5:

  • Freehanded Edit and Overwrite are now in Edit -> Mode
  • Tab emulation, Smart Typing, and Re-Indented Paste are now in Preferences -> Text Editing
  • And I don't know where the tab-snippets are... shouldn't it use the complete: key instead of tab?