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You can easily pick apart the innards of the package and modify or replace the images and window layouts (nibs).

With all these GUI Replacements, you can easily pick and choose which resources you want to replace in order to get the icons from one and the web preview window from another or the tabs from one and the colors from another.


subtleGradient — Leopard Dark 2

Download subtleGradient Leopard TextMate Theme Dark 2.dmg

Comment on the "subtleGradient — Leopard Dark 2" TextMate GUI Replacement

SuperMate: Leopardized TextMate

by Alexander Atallah

Download SuperMate skin for TextMate (zip)

Comment on the "SuperMate" GUI Replacement

Green Moleskine by Jason Evers

Green Moleskine

This package is a group of the best modifications, additions, and plugins to Textmate including parts of SuperMate and Leopard Dark 2 and several custom graphics put together by a coder who got TextMate Fever / the Purple Plague and includes these updates which you may pick and choose to use at will:

The whole list is in the zip readme

Check it out , comment on it

Replacement Project Folder Icons

Added by Aaron Jackson

I put this here because it relates more to the overall GUI than an icon for the dock. The old style icons used for projects really annoyed me so I replaced them with standard Snow Leopard icons.

download .zip

Alternative Web Preview Theme

Added by Sylvester Keil

An alternative theme for TextMate's Web Preview window.

scott - Web Preview theme

by Scott Buchanan

Another theme to spice up the Web Preview window.

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