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A list of possible alternatives.


Use the "System preferences" icon from David Lanham's "sticker pack 1":

Sticker Icon

Textmate alternative icon by vladstudio:


I really wanted TextMate icon to be book, not list (to represent projects, not files). Made in Photoshop. Enjoy! :-)

The TextMate Halloween Theme 2006

Jack-o’-Lantern Photograph by Toby Ord on 31 Oct 2003. See, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License

Joshua Emmons's first stab: I love everything about TextMate except the icon. It looks too much like a document (as opposed to an application). I agree with dan del piano all those here who are in support of gears and the color purple. Purple gears are rad.

Made in Illustrator, and thus can take on arbitrary size upon request. Looking forward to your comments.

(download) (email)

What about Wolfgang Bartelme's alternative versions] to Jon's icons?

I think, they're a nice improvement and a good example of open development, i.e. one building on another's ideas. Kudos to Jon and Wolfgang!

Update (2005-07-08): This is now (and has been for some time) the new official icon. Wolfgang has provided me with the PSD for the image in various sizes and one big size. -- Allan Odgaard

Some icons harvested from the mailing list

Links are to the original letter with details. Braces + Robot braces

Eletronic Pad + World of Aqua


Mickeys Hand v1 + Mickeys Hand v2


Little Guy


Guy on different backgrounds

Key as an illustration

download Key with man

Key with brackets

Colored Folding Icons and Bookmark Icon

Stoplight theme coloring:

pdf screenshot of above icons in use

install instructions here:

Robot sightings


Color wheel

When placing a new brand into an existing market, one of the things to identify is the values presented within the brands of your competition. For icons, the overriding value to consider is that of colour.

Full letter


Created by Jay Elmore one day afer installing Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Download CS3-themed icon as JPEG

Green Moleskine by Jason Evers

Green Moleskine

This is a link to a package which includes a fancy new icon put together by a coder who got TextMate Fever / the Purple Plague and includes several other updates which you may pick and choose to use at will.

Check it out , comment on it

Red Moleskine by ~bigkobe

Red Moleskine
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