Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How to buy TextMate if my country is not listed in the checkout?

A: Email tm-sales at this domain.

Keywords: universal binary intel
Q: Is TextMate a Universal Binary that will run on Intel Macs?

A: Yes. TextMate has been universal for some time now. The website does not feature the Universal Binary Logo proposed by Apple, though, for aesthetic reasons.

Keywords: completion codesense intellisense
Q: Does TextMate have code completion, e.g. type a variable name and see all member data for that variable (object)?

A: No.

What it does have is word completion based on current buffer and insertion of snippets or commands using tab triggers. The official PHP bundle adds completion and help for native PHP functions. You can follow development of the bundle at http://github.com/textmate.

Keywords: smart typing pairs
Q: How can I "tab out" of a pair of brackets (), {}, [], ... when my insertion point is in between them? Pressing the right arrow key seems rather tedious to me.

A: There's no shortcut — the purpose of the auto-pairs is mostly to ensure proper balancing (while typing), and allowing the selection to be wrapped. ⌃F is emacs-style for move one character forward and works well in this case. One could create own auto-pairs via snippets that allowed the tabbing, but often tab is useful inside the pairs, at least for {}.

Keywords: smart typing pairs snippet
Q: ... Has anyone made snippets that would do this? I too find the right arrow tedious, and the tab works well in other editors (notably Eclipse).

A: Creating your own is: [$1] and set the key equivalent to [. Possibly make it: [${1:$TM_SELECTED_TEXT}] so that when activated with a selection, the selection gets wrapped. See this blog entry for more information about snippets.

Keywords: automatic trigger file
Q: Is it possible to trigger a Command/Macro like “Strip trailing spaces” (“Zap Gremlins”) automatically when saving a file?

A: Please see this Mailing List Thread.

I am currently (amongst other) looking into extending commands to be used in various (callback) events, and directly on files (from the file browser). So long-term the way to strip trailing spaces (and similar) will be a method very similar to this (but with a slightly extended infrastructure to make it more graceful).

Keywords: tabulator overwrite indent
Q: When I try to indent text via Tabulator (⇥) it will overwrite my selection / Is there an alternative to ⌘[ and ⌘] for shift left/right (indent)?

A: You can use ⌥⇥ and ⇧⌥⇥ instead (the latter should really be shown as ⌥⇤, i.e. option backtab, but backtab is shift tab).

Keywords: port windows linux
Q: Is there/Will there be a Window or Linux port of TextMate?

TextMate is only for Mac OS X, here are some alternatives.

Keywords: leopard snow upgrade 9
Q: Well, then, what versions of Mac OS can I run TextMate on?

A: TextMate runs best on OS X 10.4, Tiger, which is the version it was originally designed for. Allan is also making good progress on porting TextMate to Mac OS 9; he is targeting this as a stable platform so that he doesn't have to worry about missing any more OS upgrade cycles the way he did with Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Keywords: bug report
Q: How do I report bugs?

A: Please see the BugReporting page.