The contents of the global TextMate Support folder.

All scripts here should state what they do and where they are used (unless they are used all over the place).

Directory Structure

  • Sounds

    Harp and Whistle sounds

  • bin

    • CocoaDialog-license.txt,

      CocoaDialog, mostly replaced by tm_dialog now


      SVN helper app. Might be removed in favour of tm_dialog and coming SCM bundle.

    • LateXCommandCompletions.rb, LatexCitekeys.rb, LatexLabelCompletions.rb

      LaTeX Helpers. Why are they in global Support dir?

    • Markdown-license.txt,

    • OCamlCompletions.rb
    • SmartyPants-license.txt,
    • Textile.rb
    • checknest.rb

      ?, used only by Bundles/Latex.tmbundle/Commands/Insert environment closers

    • find_app

      ?, native executable, unsused in Support and Bundles


      Man Pages to HTML, “returns the name of an HTML page written to /tmp which is created with PolyglotMan”

    • mate, tm_dialog

    • play

      Play Sounds

    • proxy_config

      ?, native executable


      why in global Support folder?

    • sort_bundle.rb

      ?, unsused in Support and Bundles

    • validate_bundle.rb, validate_uuids.rb

  • css

    • default.css

      Old HTML output styles. Mostly replaced by WebPreview. TODO: Check if used.

  • images

    • arrow-down.gif, arrow-none.gif, arrow-up.gif

      Images belonging to scripts/sortable.js. TODO: Move them into a subfolder together with sortable.js or make it clear the belong to the sortable script

  • lib

    • Builder.rb

      “Create XML markup easily”

    • LaTeXUtils.rb

      “The LaTeX module contains a lot of methods useful when dealing with LaTeX files”, why in global Support though?

    • README.txt

      Explains about the use of this folder.


      Essential Script. “This script simulates the behavior of a login shell”.

    • bluecloth.rb, redcloth.rb, rubypants.rb

      external Libraries, Ruby ports of Markdown, Textile and SmartyPants

    • browser.rb

      To refresh Web Browsers. TODO: No comment about purpose/usage.

    • codecompletion.rb, codecompletion_test.rb

      Textmate Code Completion, Thomas Aylott

    • current_word.rb

      Ruby module, TODO: No comment about purpose/usage. Find out if/where used.

    •, dialog.rb, ui.rb

      “Wrapper for tm_dialog”, “Accepts a list and causes TextMate to show an inline menu.” TODO: dialog.rb vs. ui.rb?

    • erb_streaming.rb

      “Set up ERB for streaming incremental output rather than atomic, sit-and-wait for completion.”

    • escape.rb

      Essential Script, various escape method for HTML, Snippets, Shell, etc.

    • exit_codes.rb

      Essential Script, defines exit codes for use in Commands to change output option


      “This file contains support functions for generating HTML, to be used with TextMate's HTML output window.” Obsoleted by WebPreview? TODO: Check if/where still in use.

    • io.rb

      ?, TODO: No comment about purpose/usage.

    • markdown_to_help.rb

      Helper to generate a nicer output for Help commands in various bundles. Provides a TOC, etc…

    • ocamlcompletion.rb

      OCaml completion script. Why in global Support?

    • osx

      • plist.bundle

        PropertyList Rubt support

    • password.rb

      KeyChain interface? TODO: No comment about purpose/usage.


      “A tool to generate and parse MacOSX .plist files”

    • progress.rb

      “Call the given block while showing a progress dialog”

    • scriptmate.rb

      ?, TODO: No comment about purpose/usage. Also has raw HTML/CSS w/o using erb.

    • textmate.rb, selected_files_tests.rb, tm_parser.rb

      Essential Script. Defines Ruby TextMate module. TODO: Combine to one file?

    • shelltokenize.rb

      “String helpers for build command tokenization.”


      Essential Script. “A collection of useful helper functions and classes for writing commands in Python for TextMate.”

    • web_preview.rb,,

      Themable WebPreview Support.

  • nibs

    tm_dialog NIB files.

    • ProgressDialog.nib
    • RequestItem.nib
    • RequestSecureString.nib
    • RequestString.nib
    • SimpleNotificationWindow.nib
  • script

    • default.js

      “Default JavaScript for HTML output.”. Obsolete with WebPreview?

    • sortable.js

      HTML “Table sorting script by Joost de Valk”. Used in TODO List and SQL bundles.

    • webpreview.js

      WebPreview JS Helper methods.

  • themes

    WebPreview themes.

    • bright
    • dark
    • default
    • halloween
    • shiny
  • version

    Support folder version file.