This is a list of programs which use the ODB Editor Suite (or a similar mechanism) and status to whether or not they support TextMate:


Support TM, possibly through an "Other…" choice:

Support unconfirmed:

Web Browsers:

  • Safari, or any WebKit browser (Shiira, OmniWeb, etc.): Use the "Edit in TextMate…" input manager

  • Firefox: TM can be set up as text field editor, see the the how-to page.

  • Opera: supports TM through Preferences > Programms and paths > Source Viewer.


supports TM
supports TM if you choose it the first time you start it or if you alter it later in "Library/Preferences/com.pixelglow.graphviz.gui.plist".
has TM support. Menu->Rails->Edit in TextMate
has TM support
Supports TM, select “Other” as Editor and enter TxMt in the text field.
is a command line program, like mate, that can open a file in Textmate (although the prefs are very primitive at the moment). It can call other command line programs when the file being edited is saved or closed. The Remote Edit scripts use odbedit to give TextMate scp integration.
supports TM, see http://pdfview.sourceforge.net/latex.html for details
writes, auto-runs and stores scripts in bash, tsh, perl, python, etc. Supports TM as the editor.
Use within a text field of any other program to edit in TextMate
supports TM
You can invoke svnX from TextMate and be presented with a window with the different revisions of the edited file.
Tracks time spent editing based on your current file in TM
Version 2.1 and +. If you want to use TM as external editor. Type this in terminal:
defaults write com.flyingmeat.VoodooPad odbeditor com.macromates.textmate
The menu will still say "Edit in BBEdit" but the page will open in TM...
Version 3+ offers Textmate as an external editor option in the preferences.

- should I bother mentioning Xcode? can set it up throught the prefs

MacSpice is capable of using TextMate as an external editor.
Type "set editor = 'TxMt'" at the start of your session. You can put this command into '~Library:MacSpice:lib:scripts:spinit' or 'Library:MacSpice:lib:scripts:spinit' as appropriate.
Teambase supports TextMate, allowing users to open, save, and close documents in its database. Teambase is an archive management system for print and web publishers.

If you write the author of one of these programs, or know of more programs, add to the list and keep a status on what actions are planned by the author(s) of that program.

The unofficial specs for The External Editor Protocol say that applications should check the helper*ftp-editor and helper*editor keys in the Internet Config database before defaulting to BBEdit. I've added these keys and it doesn't work in Transmit, but maybe it could work in another app?

Internet Config database sounds very legacy, as in, Mac Classic.