Software developer since 1986, TextMate user since 2006 - it only took 20 years to find it!

Things I would like to see in TextMate, in order of importance to me ;-)

  1. Tabbed windows without the need for a project
  2. Ability to easily diff 2 open files not in a project
  3. Ability to split windows
  4. Ability to view the "real" path to a file, even if displayed while being edited via SFTP (ie: s
  5. Ability to open a file via SFTP and then 'lock' it locally so it can not be edited (ie: read-only) This can be helpful when you want to look at some remote code but don't want to chance altering the file in any way.
  6. XML language definition should display templates in the symbols menu
  7. A way to globally turn off smart-indenting (maybe make it part of the Smart Typing set of features?)