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File Filtering Keys

These are all globs and perhaps a bit arcane.

The file browser, if it has a file, checks that file against the first key with a value in this order: excludeFilesInBrowser, excludeInBrowser, excludeFiles, exclude. If neither match, it then does the same with include keys, and if one match, it is included. Directories work the same, except using the Directories

The default include key is * (so no hidden files, although see the default .tm_properties which include .htaccess and .tm_properties). The default exclude key is the empty string (nothing matches).

spellingLanguage Values

These values depend on which dictionaries you have installed so not all may be available. (You can see a list of what is available from the Edit → Spelling menu.)

en → English
en_AU → English (Australia)
en_GB → English (United Kingdom)
en_CA → English (Canada)
da → Danish
fr → French
de → German
es → Spanish
it → Italian
pt → Portuguese
pt_BR → Portuguese (Brazil)
nl → Dutch
sv → Swedish
ru → Russian
pl_PL → Polish (Poland)

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