This page is dedicated to common requests. So before requesting something, please see if it has not already been requested.

It is NOT a page where you should add your own requests. That could easily render the list less useful, as the longer the list, the less likely people are to read it.

If you feel something is missing from this list, mention it in the ##textmate IRC channel (at <http://freenode.net>), on the mailing list or, as a last resort, send a letter to tm-feedback (at this domain).

  1. TextMate 2.0 release.
  2. Ability to disable auto-update of project drawer (or faster/asynchronous update for network mounted file systems)
  3. Being able to run commands without an open document
  4. Chunked undo
  5. Code completion for language «xyz»
  6. Ditching the drawer
  7. Find in project: Faster, asynchronous, not tied to project, skipping file types, etc.
  8. Folding not based on indent. Soft wrap based on indent
  9. ftp / sftp support
  10. Marks — like emacs
  11. More Finder actions in drawer: labels, duplicate, copy, … plus ability to descend into a folder
  12. Mouse support: double-click brackets to select, change double-click + drag behavior, etc.
  13. Multi-line matching of language grammar rules
  14. Printing: Syntax highlighted, custom font / font size, landscape mode, etc.
  15. Proportional width fonts / international input / CJK
  16. Split views
  17. Static gutter (not disappearing when scrolling sideways)
  18. Tab size and indent kept separately (e.g. indent = 4, tab size = 8)
  19. Tabs for non-projects
  20. Toolbars and palettes
  21. Version control support in project drawer