Is there an updated status on this feature? -- Garrett Murray

given the aeon-long wait for 1.1b6, I'm hoping it'll show up shortly ;)

It would be nice if there was a function or selector drop-down list, like in BBEdit. I find myself using that feature a lot when I'm working with PHP or CSS files. It's the first thing I missed when I tried TextMate.



Plus it would be great to have syntax suggestion for each function once the function itself is selected from the popup.

Eg (PHP code):

Dropdown menu shows:
- str_ireplace
- str_pad
- str_repeat
- str_replace
- str_rot13
- str_shuffle
- str_split
- str_word_count


Popup suggests:
mixed str_replace ( mixed search, mixed replace, mixed subject [, int &count])

The lack of a function drop down menu (or some means of navigating functions, selectors (e.g. in css files), and other document structure identifiers is the one thing that has kept me in BBEdit and prevented from buying TextMate. - NC

Here's another vote for this feature. I'm considering upgrading to BBEdit 8 or switching to TextMate. Thanks! - chao

And another vote, just trying it out over BBEdit and all is good, apart from missing this - dfm

1.1b6 and onward has the “Go to symbol…” in the navigation menu. It requires that the symbol is parsed by the language file and there is a scope setting to include it in the list (the default stuff e.g. includes the id of HTML tags and function names in most languages). It's work in progress and the release notes do mention a bit about how this will change into being more like the “Go to file…” which has filtering, and there'll also be a fallback option for those languages where the language file isn't flexible enough to gather the required symbols.
-- Allan Odgaard

I've just had a play with "Go to symbol.." it's neat and works well. It would be great if the symbol window could stay around after a selection has been made and if it updated dynamically. Having said that, I still think that this functionality is better accessed from a dropdown menu.

Someone didn't read the latest blog posting (bottom part)

I like the go to symbol menu, although it's very limited. I'd vote for:

  • nested syntactical information in the go to menu, including stuff like the #pragma mentioned above
  • a smaller font in the go to window (or better, the ability to customise that)
  • duplication of same as a dropdown for the mouse-fans

-- Simon

Another vote for the function dropdown-menu. Apart from that TextMate (1.1b15) seems like a killer! After 15 minutes of using it, I'm allready pretty sure that I'll want to buy this.
-- Uninen

Add this feature and I'll buy TextMate.
-- Stefan

This is one very missed feature.

SubEthaEdit has a nifty symbol menu, this and splitview are the 2 things im still torn over.