It would be nice in Project Mode, to have an option to open a file in a new window. This window would be like an ordinary file window, with the name of the file as the title, so you can easily go there from the Dock and Window menus, and would not have a project drawer on it.

I'm thinking this would be a File Menu option that is greyed out unless a file is selected in the project window. Also, right-click (gak! I use a three-button mouse on my Mac!) on the file name in the project drawer and right-click on a file's tab. (BTW ctrl-click is the same things as right-click)

Ideally, this would be just a view window, so if you close it but still have the project open, changes would not need to be saved, nor would they be lost by closing the window, and of course, if you were to view the same file in the project window, it would have the same text. If one of these windows is closed, and there is no other view open, then obviously, prompt the user to save the file. Kind of like how Xcode works with multiple windows.

Tabs are great and I love tabs. Sometimes I need to see more than one thing side-by-side.

I realize a workaround is to open multiple instances of the same project file. Unfortunately, this is cumbersome when trying to get the window back to the front because the Window and Dock menus have the Project name not the file name.

Detachable Tabs

It would be really cool if I could drag a tab out of the project window to create a separate window.

Otherwise I'd need a vertical split between two or more tabs within the project window.


I Second that Motion

I keep trying to drag a tab out of the project window. Its such a natural gesture. Its something I want to do all the time. Or right click on the tab and have the option to open it in a new window.


And an Emphatic Third

Textmate is a great editor but this is a GLARING omission, one that is making me seriously consider switching editors after years with Textmate. Not much work has been happening on Textmate and we really need this update. Please - get this in place.