Project Management

Suggestions about the management of multiple files. This includes most of the things in the project drawer and things related to tabs, e.g. LIFO ordering of tabs or similar.

click on a folder to expand it

Instead of having to click the little arrow, I'd just like to be able to click the folder and have it open or close. Much easier to aim the mouse at that.

folders at top, files at bottom

Have one window containing the folders at the top, and the files in the currently selected folder at the bottom. This way as you go down in your project tree, you don't have to keep making the project pane wider in order to see the files as they get indented further and further. Also, it helps focus attention on the current set of files you're working on.

tell which files have been modified upon close

Often when I'm closing a project TextMate politely warns me that there are 2 files modified. But I have absolutely no way of knowing which ones when I have 50 files open. So I am resorting to closing every single one with Ctrl-W just to figure out which ones has the mods. How about a nice list of files when you show that dialog?

UPDATE: It is actually MUCH WORSE than that. If you close a tab for a file that was modified at one point, the repeated Ctrl-W method DOES NOT WORK. The only option I could find was to visually inspect every file in the project drawer for a darkened icon, manually expanding each and every sub-directory. Kind of a pain when you have 711 files spread over 135 directories.

improve "go-to-file"

After searching with project search and clicking a result there is no way to get back to the last used tab. It would be nice to have a shortcut (with a menu) to the 5 recently used files in the project, because it's sometimes hard to remember which of hundreds of files was the last one ...


Partial Solution: Actually, you could use Apple-T for this if it were improved a little. Currently it shows you your project file and a search/filter sorted by "last usage", but for some reason, some files simply are not sorted "right" (they do not appear in this list).

I would second this wish, and additionally I would really really like it if

  • the text in the go-to-file menu were retained when you reopen it and the filtered files also - but selected, so if you start typing the text would be replaced (i.e. no compatibility breakage), and
  • the shown path parts were also searchable/filterable.

I often switch randomly between a dozen files with similar names (Rails project: foo.rb, foo_controller.rb, foo_spec.rb, foo/index.erb, foo/new.erb, foo_controller_spec.rb, ...). Currently when I hit Apple-T and type "foo", none of my templates are shown, because the "foo" is in the path (not the name) - but when I type "index" I get three dozen unrelated templates.

--Jens (registered user)

  • For find in project an option to choose a file mask (eg *., *.py) to search/replace would be helpful to limit the scope of the search/replace to only the relevant files.

  • I often generate very large datafiles (Python pickles) in my project directories with odd extensions. When I scroll down through the file list, TextMate attempts to open these files as they become highlighted and hangs up for minutes. This is _extremely_ annoying and any fix would be very welcome.

  • Option to dim/gray out/distinguish elements in the project list that is ignored by either .cvsignore-file patterns, or svn:ignore property patterns.

These are typically generated items that you do not want to edit, but should be allowed to. The visual clue is just to make you think twice before changing these files.

--Vidar Larsen

  • programmatically generate project specific variables
    As an example of what I mean, I have a nice work-flow set up for myself for compiling my actionscript projects. This consists of a few commands (for testing, compiling and syntax checking) and a short list of project specific variables (the project root directory, input file, classpath, compile options, etc). It would be really nice to be able to write another command that would allow me to quickly set up and edit this environment. Then, if a friend or coworker sends me some small piece of code to play with, I won't have to manually enter all of the project variables (and remember what they are), but instead will be able to call a quick command, enter my env details, and get to work editing and compiling the code with the key commands I've already set up. Know what I mean?

-- Juliano

  • keep track of project files that have been moved
    My apologies if this is already a feature or has been suggested already; I couldn't find it. If a file that's in a project changes directories for some reason, the project loses track of it. In the same vein (and also similar to the suggestion below about opening FTP files in a drawer), files opened via FTP also get "lost" if the connection is dropped or if the project is closed (I only recently noticed you can drag these single files to a project by clicking on their icon in the window bar). It would be great to keep track of files if they move, as well as FTP files if the connection is reset or if the project is closed and reopened (BBEdit/TextWrangler can do both)

-- Jason Kobilka

  • template:none option when creating new files in project:

when creating a new file within a project window, the resulting dialogue always insists that i define a template for the new document. would it be possible to have an option of "none" which would just create an empty document? when building websites, i'll often want to create a new CSS or just a plain text document - neither of which is listed in the popup of available templates. so i have to create a document based on a template i don't want and then delete its content before i can use it.


  • Dynamically Created Projects with FTP
    I'll buy it and give it as an xmas gift if you implement a feature that lets me double click a file in Transmit/Fetch/CyberDuck/other FTP program and immediately have it open in a project. This is the only feature that's keeping me from using your program, it's a must-have for many web developers. -Stu Kabakoff
  • Project Specific Snippets, commands, etc.
    It would be nice if you could have snipets and such that were only used inside of that project. Sometimes when working on a LaTeX document for example I will need to type "Row Reduced Echelon Form" frequently so, I setup a snippet to turn put "rref" on a tab trigger for it but, I don't want that to work in any of my other projects.

--Joshua Monroe

  • Ability to drop proxy icons onto drawer. It'd be nice if I could copy/add/relocate files by their proxy icon.
  • Hyperlinked includes? It would be awesome if I could double-click on a filename in the code and it would open a new tab with that included file. Would this might be tricky to add, since you would have to update all the language definitions?

    The C bundle has a Quick Open on ⇧⌘D — later versions will introduce mouse gestures as activation methods for commands to allow such things to happen on double click etc.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • What about showing Finder Labels in the drawer. It would be great to not only have existing labels show up when new files are added to the drawer, but to also be able to modify the labels directly from the drawer (via the right-click menu?) and have the labels be simultaneously altered in the Finder proper. (Seconded!)

    Likely going to be added.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • Blasphemy: add an option to disable tabs? I personally find myself not using the tabs on a larger monitor b/c the drawer is so handy, perhaps adding a checkbox to the project drawer prefs about disabling tabs or something? Not a big deal. Another option could be to hide the tabbar when the drawer is open.
-- Jim Bagrow
  • When the project drawer is shown, TM should take a snapshot of the windows (position and size) as to be able to restore them once the project drawer is hidden back. This would be a very useful when using a small screen (on a laptop) where I only bring the project to select some files and then immediately hide it back.
-- tmk
  • I miss code browser from Visual Studio. TM almost has a simple code browser. It could work like this: right-click word, choose "go to definition" and TM should find that symbol (list on bottom of window) in current file or any (open?) project file.

    The Source bundle (currently only latest on the repository) has such command which works via ctags.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • Ability to option-click the close-box of a tab to have them all close _without_ closing the project.
--Joakim N
  • One of two features is missing for the way I work - currently using BBEdit. I like to have my files opened in a project drawer via SFTP. The Transmit idea at the bottom of this page is a kludge and doesn't work ideally. It would be nice if: 1) An option existed to open any file as a tab/project entity as opposed to in a separate window -OR- 2) If I drag a folder from Interarchy (for example) to TextMate, it opens the hierarchy as a project, even if it is via SFTP. Obviously then all file edits and saves would be saved back to SFTP as well. Either of these would be a welcome addition. I'm so close to switching to has some excellent modern features.
  • I was super excited to see the latest version indexing the current script, and providing a drop-down box of all symbols within the current script. A small step further, perhaps, to full project indexing? And from there, to code-complete pop-ups based on the project index?

    The current function pop-up is not pawing the way for these things, it's just a way to query the syntax highlight system. If you want full project indexing, you currently need to look into ctags or similar. Code-completion is also all but trivial.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • Maybe expand the project info window to include stuff like number of files, total lines of code in all files, etc. instead of just project shell variables.
  • Build in CVS support would be very great. Meaning that one can add/update/edit/unedit/commit/etc on a file/folder with ctrl-clicking on it.

    There currently is a CVS bundle at the bundles repository.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • Disclosable files (a la visual studio) - It would be nice to be able to group files of the same name but different extensions under one disclosable file. As an example, if I have files foo.h, foo.cpp, foo.d, I'd like them to get grouped under foo.h. foo.h is then disclosable to access files grouped underneath it.
The top-level extension would be configurable for different types of languages... also might be nice to be able to set up a cascade where if .h isn't present, .cpp takes over as the disclosable file.
--Luke D
  • TextMate won't display files with a dot . first in their name, when opening many at a time (scratch project?). Try for example to open one '.bashrc' and 'test' => TextMate goes into project mode but with only one file in the file list.

    Because it has a default folder reference pattern (Preferences / Advanced) which filter out hidden files (except .htaccess)
    -- Allan Odgaard

    ::I see. But those rules shouldn't apply in this case. These are for filtering files in folders, right? The issue is clear here: I drag two invisible files .bashrc and .bash_profile. TextMate displays an empty project window. It should be understood that files I explicitly drag to TextMate should be opened no matter what. --engla
  • An option to disable dragging the files and folders in the drawer, I only use subversion to move and it's often annoying when I accidentally drag stuff.

    You can drag individual files into the project drawer (and group them) if you do not want changes to happen on disk. I'm not going to add an option to disable drag'n'drop.
    -- Allan Odgaard
    Any chance of reconsidering? Always find I'm moving files in project drawer when I'm trying to scroll on my laptop. --Andrew Premdas
  • (An option to?) remember which folders (if any) are disclosed in the project drawer between project file opening/closing? -- waferbaby

    Will work in 1.2
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • "Find in path" facility in project drawer. Ctrl-click a directory gives an option to find-in-path so that your search is limited to just that directory (and optionally subdirectories).

    Also planned for 1.2
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • What about splitting the project-window into two, where the top bit contains the project files/folders and the bottom one is a simple file-browser? Would allow one to easily add existing files to the current project. (would be very useful for people switching to TextMate half-way through a project)

    1.2 will make the project drawer more of a file browser, but probably not exactly what you're suggesting.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • Like in Finder, it would be nice if the files in the project window were ordered as foo8.htm, foo9.htm, foo10.htm rather than foo10.htm, foo8.htm, foo9.htm (natural number order, so you don't need foo08.htm).

    On the way: And then start with the 1.1.x releases where I’ll take care of some of the other things I want to improve, especially the project window needs a major overhaul including making the project drawer more like the Finder, supporting tabs for non-projects, and allowing split views.
  • Does "more like the Finder" include proper cmd-opt-left/right arrow support for fully expanding and collapsing folders in the Project drawer? Minor, but it would be nice. I notice that option-clicking the triangles does the right thing. -- pbx
  • It would be nice if .nib files showed as single files in the project drawer. It would be even nicer (not to mention extremely useful) if double clicking these files would launch InterfaceBuilder.

    You should be able to double-click them (to have them open with IB).
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • Remote Project Synchronization. I hate to mention other tools here but I find myself having to go back to Dreamweaver because of how good the local/remote file management is. I recon it could be better but, being able to sync remote and local files in one step (and minding directory structure) is just a huge time saver. I'd like to buy textmate (thank Ruby on Rails for that) but what's the point if I'll keep going back to dreamweaver (which I don't want to use any more for a number of different reasons). Are there plans to integrate a more robust remote/local project management tool into textmate? BTW, I've been using a custom command that execs rsync through bash and passes project variables but it is not yet as simple as DW's. Thanks.

    There will be better subversion integration, but synchronizing files and folders between two filesystems (one potentially on a server) is unlikely going to be a native feature of TextMate, at best it could be done by a third party plugin.
    -- Allan Odgaard
    • What about FTP Server synchronization?

      As above, synchronizing files and folders between two filesystems is not something I consider a feature of a text editor. It doesn't change things that one file system is an FTP Server
      -- Allan Odgaard
    • What about no synchronization, but edit directly trough FTP?

      I know many people who edit using 'vi' on the remote server in a development environment, and then have their own sync to the live environment. It would be amazing if you could connect to a SFTP server and the fileindex will apair in the drawer (same like you drag a local folder into TextMate). I know many people who consider that as a feature of a text editor. It really speeds up your way of working.
      -- Adriaan Mol

      Cyberduck can do this for you -- it has an edit feature that opens a local copy of a file in TextMate, then automatically uploads the new contents when you save the file.
      -- Sam Livingston-Gray
    • You should consider using Transmit from Panic in conjunction with TaxtMate it can pass files from remote server to TextMate and back again + a lots of syncing stuff (or use cvs or svn). I agree with Allan – and think the beauty of TextMate is its clear focus.
      -- Jonas Munk
  • TODO list: how many times have you worked on a multi-file project just to realise at commit time that you don't remember all the work you did in each file. It would be really neat if TextMate suported todo lists on per-file basis. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A simple list of items with tick check boxes. At the end of the coding period I could just use that list as my SVN/CVS commit comments. It could also be useful for generating change set documents.

    it's not tick boxes, but there's a TODO bundle that pulls list items from comments in your code
  • Ability to disable/configure the auto-reload files if modified behavior. Although I find this useful most of the time, I would like to tell TM to not CLOSE files that have been deleted!! If I accidentally delete the wrong folder, I'd like some hope in keeping those files! I know it's the users fault if they do that, but, I'm sure everyone can think of a time where they've done something similar and wish that they could have just "re-saved" the files...
  • Tabs Versus Pull Down Menu
  • Adding a new file to a project (creating a file, not adding an existing file) should give you the option to select the text encoding and line ending, just like "Save" does.

    Why do you need this? I really do not like it and everybody should use UTF-8 and LF! :)
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • A menu item for new file from template - as the button at the bottom of the project drawer does - would be useful. I suggest a menu alternative for command-alt-n
  • Sorting files in project by name would be very useful. I often work with temporary projects and find myself adding files to said project. Being able to sort the list would increase the speed with which I can find a file. Implemented as ctrl-clicking the project drawer/clicking the action-button.
  • Addendum to above suggestion: Provide a variety of sorting methods for the project list, eg by name, by file type, by last modified, etc, just like in the finder.
  • pressing command-backspace with some files in the drawer being selected should also pop up the deletion-dialog. -- Torsten Becker
  • When CTRL-clicking a single filename (doesn't apply to multiple file selections IMHO) in the project folder, it would be nice to have the option to "Duplicate" the specified file making something like "Copy of <filename>" which can then be renamed using the existing rename functions.
  • Command-clicking a file or folder reference in the project drawer should reveal the file / folder in the Finder

    But command-clicking is multi-select.

    Fair point. How about Command-alt-click and / or Command-[alt]-click the file's tab?

    You can Command-click the file name in the title bar to see a drop down of the path of the file. Choose the folder that holds your file and it opens the finder with your file selected. -- Juan Carlos Anorga
  • The ability to collect files to a specified location, much like Quark and such programs do. This would be useful with projects that have various files scattered hither and yonder, especially web projects with CGI, and support documents. With a single command you could collect (duplicate) everything into a parent directory (potentially a new one). Additionally, a secondary ability to tar archive the files instead of copying them to a directory for quick and dirty back-ups.

    I don't know Quark, but this really does not sound like something a text editor should do. More like something you could do with Finder and/or a shell script.
    -- Allan Odgaard

    Well, how about the ability to run shell scripts on file open/save, then?

    There'll be some form for callback when I add real scripting support. For now, if you need actions executed on file save, I'd recommend looking into Stakeout
  • There seem to be serious speed issues with very large projects. I have a project with a few hundred files in it, and every time I switch tasks into TextMate while that project is open, there is about 5-10 seconds before it responds to any input. It's fully responsive after that, however, until I switch applications again.
    -- MikePowell

    The problem has to do with TextMate checking if any of the files were updated. Not sure why, but for some setups (e.g. network mounted drives) this takes a very long time. I will change the scheme used before version 1.1 final.
    Until then there are two workarounds, 1) add individual files instead of folder references (so it doesn't need to check), 2) set the folder patterns to exclude as many folders as possible to cut down on the stuff that needs to be checked.
    Though I know there are situations where neither of these are desirable.
    -- Allan Odgaard

    * I'd like an update to the way TM refreshes the project drawer when working from a network mount. It's extremely sw! I know you are working on a fix for this, but I just wanted to chime in and say there are more people out there that are waiting for this fix.

- Geoff

1 does not seem to work when editing files mounted from a webdav-filesystem. Performance is better than adding entire directories but it still takes way to long before textmate gets responsive after switching applications.
--Jens Utbult
** How about the ability to toggle the check for file updates either at project level, or per folder/group? Let's say if we are currently working on a set of files, we would have the ability to choose whether TextMate should check for updates or not for a set of files instead of the entire project. --Stephanie Troeth

Well, the way to check just needs to be threaded and lazy. If there are parts for which you don't want the check, add the individual files instead of folders, one can do a project with mixed folder references and “static” groups.
-- Allan Odgaard

  • For "Find in Project" feature, ability to ignore certain folders (e.g. logs)
  • When youve started on one file, and you start to realize you might want to make a project of it, it would be nice if you could circumvent the whole: save file - make new project - add file to new project - close file window - open file in project window. Perhaps simply a menu item: "new project from current file" or something?

Already Implemented

  • If another app, say Xcode or the Finder, sends a file to TextMate, and that file exists in an open project, select that file in the open project instead of opening it in a window of its own. (Why? Because we use TextMate with Xcode, and generate .tmproj files from the .xcode files.) -- PeterLindberg
  • Similar to above, if I open a file through an FTP/SFTP app, it would be cool to have the file open in a project instead of with a regular editor window. Perhaps if the frontmost window is a project window, the file is placed in that project.

    How is this invoked?

Try this: Open files into TM from Transmit (they open in separate windows). Create a new project. Add the open files to the new project by dragging the icon from the top of the window to the project drawer. (Do Not close the separate windows after this.) Now when You edit the files from inside the new project, saves will automatically be sent via FTP. Hope this helps. (This works in 1.1b15
-- Uninen

  • I second that -- I would rather it open files from Transmit into a tabbed project window. --EricVitiello
  • I third this. Uninen's Tip is a great help but I would rather see this as an option so you can default to open all files into a tabbed window. --StuartColville
  • A command key to open-file-in-project-by-name with autocompletion (go use IDEA and hit splat-n to see what I mean). Addictive feature. --BrianMcCallister

    Maybe something like the file chooser currently available in 1.1b1p2? It does filtering like QuickSilver.
  • CVS in the Automation->Run Command menu is a necessity for my company to start using TextMate with my developers.

    Check the bundles repository for a CVS bundle.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • I have a project with files that use multiple different file extensions (.cs, .gui, etc). It would be great if the Find In Project function could be restricted to files with specific extensions (like only search in files with the .cs extension). JEdit had this nice feature.

    I second this. It'd be great to be able to *easily* change the filter for what files are searched/not searched. Even ability to filter out certain folders as mentioned above would be great

Do you know KDevelop from KDE (Linux)?

It has a simple but powerful feature: Quick Opening a C++ class.

I press Alt+Space and a small input field apears. I can type a letter (for example 'a') and in a list box all C++ classes with an 'a' in it appears. If I type 'b' next the list box shows all classes with 'ab' in it. Its a little like Launchbar on Mac.

Since I use this feature I don't need a project window anymore and can deal with dozens of classes.

Would be nice an would be an extra donation worth. ;-)

Some quick ideas:

  • Folder creation from the project pane would be excellent (versus just groups)

    When you use folder references, there should be such option.
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • The ability to create certain directory structures when creating projects. E.g. Suppose I start a new Ruby project. I generally put use-cases in ./test and my scripts in ./src -- Having this taken care of when I start a new project would be excellent (N.B. Right now I'm learning Rails. Starting a new Rails project would, for example, execute the "rails" command to generate the appropriate directory structure, and then I could include other custom commands -- much like you would with a template now)
  • Differential file highlighting for file types -- e.g. in a Ruby project (guess what I'm coding lately =P), *.rb could be pink, *.txt might be blue, *.html would be orange, etc. (ADDENDUM: I'm specifically referring to the project drawer)
  • ""NEW"" .. Sometimes I'd like to see another file for reference while editing another. There are two ways I could see this being done to make life easy:
  1. Pull a tab out of the immediate TM window to see it in another window, e.g. in Adium you can pull out a tab to open it in a new window
  2. A sort of way. Click a wee button to split a window. Potentially more cluttered though than having another document open, but a good way to save screen realestatate on notebooks.

Thank you for your time

--James H.

  • The ability to execute a command on the project files would be nice. Possible usages for this would include; file lists, searches and statistics.

    There already are several commands which do this (use TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY in the command)
    -- Allan Odgaard
  • It's probably the way I work (I mostly use groups in the project drawer instead of adding whole directories), but I find that TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY often points to the wrong place. It would be nice to have the path to the .tmproj file in an environment variable too.

    * Add a special "Project" bundle that can be used against all files in the project. In addition to the editor actions gear, these bundle actions would be exposed in the project drawer and active at all times.

  • I miss one thing from Eclipse: When using CVS/SVN, I'd like to be able to see, a glance in the project pane, which files have been added/removed/modified. Some small indicator next to (or in) the icon would do the trick, and make commits that much easier. --David Anderson

  • When TextMate becomes key (is main application) it seem to refresh the entire prejct tree while TextMate freezes. This is very annoying when working on a big tree on a network volume. Maybe you could do something more intelligent (like only refreshing what is expanded) or do it in a separate thread or something. I realize this is a difficult problem :-).
    --Jonas Munk

  • A preference to have TM start without opening the files or projects that were open when it was last closed. I'd like to use TM for my default text editor, but having to close the remnants from my last session is repetitive. A command line switch for mate would be an added bonus, but is not critical. -- Grant Carpenter

  • When I quit TextMate, it checks for unsaved files, and says "You have N unsaved files" and gives me the option to save & quit, cancel, or quit without saving. This is fine, but if I have a project with hundreds of files, how am I supposed to know which ones need to be saved, especially if the changes were from project-wide search/replace commands? Most editors show a list of altered files so I can review the changes before saving. -- Kyle
  • I'd like a "diff unsaved changes" option as well, so I can see what I changed. I found ctrl-shift-apple-D, which does the right thing for the current file. I also need more fingers. --Robin

  • I would like an option to toggle how the drawer's contents are displayed. 1) Alphabetically, as is. 2) Alphabetically, but with folders at the top of the list. (Similar to how Dreamweaver displays its fileview.) -- Tyler Hall

  • When deleting a file in the project view, the default action in the dialog should be delete reference - not move to trash! This is a bit dangerous, and is different to the default in Xcode. Also, I'm deleting from the project view, so it makes more sense. -- Graham MacDonald

  • I love the textmate subversion support but there is one feature that I havn't found on any mac svn client (except the command line client). I want to click on a folder, view all the recent log entries for that folder along with their associated files. Then I want to be able to choose any file and get a graphical diff of any two different versions of that file. I can do this in windows with TortiseSVN and WinMerge. I've yet to find anything on the mac that can compare to that combo. Given that you want to keep textmate an editor and not a diff tool it would make sense to simply beef up the subversion support and integrate with an existing diff tool. It's too bad that none of the existing mac ones (that I've seen) are as good as WinMerge. -- Rick Gigger

Please add an option to disable dragging within the project drawer. I never want to use this feature, and about once or twice a day I have an accident where I move some anonymous file way across my (enormous) project tree. Having to stop what I'm doing and use svn to figure out which file I've screwed up is really annoying. (And before I thought to use svn to tell what I'd changed, it seemed horrendously worse.) --David Anderson

Project Drawer additions

  • Focus on selection - would just display the selected files or folders until you hit a "remove filter button"
  • Filter files - Only display files which match the regex or similar. I'd like to be able to have a project which is all the files in a folder, although most often I only need to see the source files (cpp|h). Would be nice to be able to save and switch between different parts of the project, like resource files or source.

-- Kent Karlsson

Find in Project

  • Should allow multi-line find/replacement strings

Switch focus to Project foo

  • Maybe I missed this, but I often have several projects open at once. How to toggle between projects? OmniWeb has a feature like this ("Workspaces") that is quite handy.

--David Snyder

.tmproj more like .xcodeproj?

  • It'd be awesome if TextMate could read .xcodeproj files. I love using TextMate but some of the stuff I do uses Xcode and I dislike having to use Xcode or dropping back to Finder to open another file.
  • Would it be possible (most likely with TextMate 2?) to make .tmproj files more CVS/SVN friendly? Again, I love using TextMate and the convenience of tmproj files, but having to commit the tmproj file every time because of window position changes, etc is annoying. Perhaps someone knows some tricks on using tmproj files with CVS/SVN?

--Matt Lilek

I agree with Matt that it's annoying to get the .tmproj modified all the time.

A simple solution would be a Visual Studio-like project file :

  • One file (.tmproj) for project level data (file list etc)
  • Another file (.tmuser or something) for user specific data (open files, caret position, ...)

So you can add the project file to your source control and put the user file into the ignore list.

--Stéphane de Wit

Project drawer in a separate window

Using two monitors with different resolutions, the project drawer is shown only partly. Therefore it would be nice to tear it of the main screen and place it on the smaller screen.

--Sander Amsterdam

Make new project from open windows

I would like to have an option to make a new project from all open windows (or to add all open windows to a currently existing project, then you could do the 'new window' version with a macro). Other open projects should become sub-folders in the new project. (If you had this then 'search through all open windows' would be a simple macro - make a new project, add all open windows to it, search that project.)

--Will Uther

Double click on project files should open them

Sometimes I want a file from a project in its own window. It seems that double-clicking on the file in the project draw should open that file in its own new window, like the 'Open "Blah" in New Window' contextual menu option. Hrm, or you could make it a preference which of those contextual menu options happens on double-click. At present, double-click on a text file does nothing.

--Will Uther

New project manager

I really don't like the drawer for managing a project. In my ideal editor, the project would be managed in a special view that could replace the texteditor view with a keystroke.

--Mattias Holm

Color and Shading of Tabs

For some reason, the color and shading of the tabs keeps tripping me up. I expect the active tab to be shaded with the selection color (which is that blue by default on OS X) and the inactive tabs to be clear. That's how it is all over the Mac OS X GUI. TextMate seems to follow Firefox, which uses a white background for the active tab and a shaded background for the inactive tabs. Perhaps this could be a user-selectable option?

--Dave Stearns

Close all but this Tab

I'd like to be able to right-click a tab and say 'close all but this tab'

--David Lowenfels

Background color of tabs / files in project

The project I'm working in has a lot of files. I'm spending a lot of time scrolling to the right file every time. If the files would show the color label from Finder as background color, I would find them much faster.

A second option: the background color of the files in the project list indicates how long ago the file was edited. Today: red, one week ago: 50% red, two weeks ago: white. Since we don't always work on all the files from a give project, this way we can easily see which are the files I've worked on recently. Actually this would be a great option for OS X, not only TextMate...

--Abe Pazos

A Textmate Project Manager with semantic cross-platform data

The Dream Textmate - GTD - Project Manager - File Manager - Mail Manager - Collaborative tool can be made TODAY. By freeing each chunk of data and embedding a semantic vocabulary - think , , among others.

A simple markdown document can be titled-authored-dated-tagged and future event, relationship, etc can be embedded. Then the document can be Prince-ed into a full semantic pdf, searchable across platforms and web, or can remain as a lightweight .txt . file, requiring little space and cpu, and easily searchable and indexed.

Likewise, mail messages, threads can be singled out, tagged-authored-dated and processed, and finally saved as semantically readable individual entities than can freely propagate across machines, networks and internet.

Pieces of data needs to be kept separated, and embedded in metadata everybody will be able to understand. All this can be done right now.

A zip archive, project, action, mail message, bookmark, event, address, image, video, etc can all become ONE, and one become ALL.

The abilty to sort items in the project pane is essential

If you're working with large projects then TM can be maddening when you're trying to locate a specific file or directory in the project tree.

I'd also like the ability to sort project items 'folders first' (al-la Windows) rather than have folders interspersed with files.

--Steve Griffiths

Simple project drawer requests

1) Would like a preference setting as to which side the drawer opens on by default (rather than the current "smart" drawer that decides which side has more open screen real estate).

2) Would like a keyboard shortcut to "flip" the drawer to the other side of the textmate editing window.

-- Tyler Gingrich

Horizontal scroll in tab bar

It would be really nice if the tab bar would be horizontally scrollable in case there are many open tabs. Firefox does this right, it's much easier to access 'far right' tabs... Many mice nowadays allow for horizontal scrolling (and the MacBook trackpad, for that matter)

-- frank b.

I would like it very much if the drawer's "deleted references" were saved in the project file. It would be nice to be able to view the same code tree from "different project's points of view", by masking out irrelevant directories. Remembering how the drawer's layout would be a good addition too, though I realize that is more of a "GUI" suggestion.

+1 for deleted references to be saved in the project

-- Gustavo Delfino

Option for TM leave the scroll position of the drawer/sidebar alone

It is frustrating TM recognizes a change in files or folders and then moves the scroll position of the drawer as a result. I usually have the drawer scrolled to a specific position for a good reason, and I don't want TM to change it on me. Even if this means that there is a bunch of empty space below the last file as a result, I still don't want things to move unless I move them.