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Suggestions: Project Management

Suggestions about the management of multiple files. This includes most of the things in the project drawer and things related to tabs, e.g. LIFO ordering of tabs or similar.

click on a folder to expand it

Instead of having to click the little arrow, I'd just like to be able to click the folder and have it open or close. Much easier to aim the mouse at that.

folders at top, files at bottom

Have one window containing the folders at the top, and the files in the currently selected folder at the bottom. This way as you go down in your project tree, you don't have to keep making the project pane wider in order to see the files as they get indented further and further. Also, it helps focus attention on the current set of files you're working on.

tell which files have been modified upon close

Often when I'm closing a project TextMate politely warns me that there are 2 files modified. But I have absolutely no way of knowing which ones when I have 50 files open. So I am resorting to closing every single one with Ctrl-W just to figure out which ones has the mods. How about a nice list of files when you show that dialog?

UPDATE: It is actually MUCH WORSE than that. If you close a tab for a file that was modified at one point, the repeated Ctrl-W method DOES NOT WORK. The only option I could find was to visually inspect every file in the project drawer for a darkened icon, manually expanding each and every sub-directory. Kind of a pain when you have 711 files spread over 135 directories.

improve "go-to-file"

After searching with project search and clicking a result there is no way to get back to the last used tab. It would be nice to have a shortcut (with a menu) to the 5 recently used files in the project, because it's sometimes hard to remember which of hundreds of files was the last one ...


Partial Solution: Actually, you could use Apple-T for this if it were improved a little. Currently it shows you your project file and a search/filter sorted by "last usage", but for some reason, some files simply are not sorted "right" (they do not appear in this list).

I would second this wish, and additionally I would really really like it if

I often switch randomly between a dozen files with similar names (Rails project: foo.rb, foo_controller.rb, foo_spec.rb, foo/index.erb, foo/new.erb, foo_controller_spec.rb, ...). Currently when I hit Apple-T and type "foo", none of my templates are shown, because the "foo" is in the path (not the name) - but when I type "index" I get three dozen unrelated templates.

--Jens (registered user)

These are typically generated items that you do not want to edit, but should be allowed to. The visual clue is just to make you think twice before changing these files.

--Vidar Larsen

-- Juliano

-- Jason Kobilka

when creating a new file within a project window, the resulting dialogue always insists that i define a template for the new document. would it be possible to have an option of "none" which would just create an empty document? when building websites, i'll often want to create a new CSS or just a plain text document - neither of which is listed in the popup of available templates. so i have to create a document based on a template i don't want and then delete its content before i can use it.


--Joshua Monroe

-- Jim Bagrow
-- tmk
--Joakim N
The top-level extension would be configurable for different types of languages... also might be nice to be able to set up a cascade where if .h isn't present, .cpp takes over as the disclosable file.
--Luke D

- Geoff

1 does not seem to work when editing files mounted from a webdav-filesystem. Performance is better than adding entire directories but it still takes way to long before textmate gets responsive after switching applications.
--Jens Utbult
** How about the ability to toggle the check for file updates either at project level, or per folder/group? Let's say if we are currently working on a set of files, we would have the ability to choose whether TextMate should check for updates or not for a set of files instead of the entire project. --Stephanie Troeth

Well, the way to check just needs to be threaded and lazy. If there are parts for which you don't want the check, add the individual files instead of folders, one can do a project with mixed folder references and “static” groups.
-- Allan Odgaard

Already Implemented

Try this: Open files into TM from Transmit (they open in separate windows). Create a new project. Add the open files to the new project by dragging the icon from the top of the window to the project drawer. (Do Not close the separate windows after this.) Now when You edit the files from inside the new project, saves will automatically be sent via FTP. Hope this helps. (This works in 1.1b15
-- Uninen

Do you know KDevelop from KDE (Linux)?

It has a simple but powerful feature: Quick Opening a C++ class.

I press Alt+Space and a small input field apears. I can type a letter (for example 'a') and in a list box all C++ classes with an 'a' in it appears. If I type 'b' next the list box shows all classes with 'ab' in it. Its a little like Launchbar on Mac.

Since I use this feature I don't need a project window anymore and can deal with dozens of classes.

Would be nice an would be an extra donation worth. ;-)

Some quick ideas:

  1. Pull a tab out of the immediate TM window to see it in another window, e.g. in Adium you can pull out a tab to open it in a new window
  2. A sort of way. Click a wee button to split a window. Potentially more cluttered though than having another document open, but a good way to save screen realestatate on notebooks.

Thank you for your time

--James H.

Please add an option to disable dragging within the project drawer. I never want to use this feature, and about once or twice a day I have an accident where I move some anonymous file way across my (enormous) project tree. Having to stop what I'm doing and use svn to figure out which file I've screwed up is really annoying. (And before I thought to use svn to tell what I'd changed, it seemed horrendously worse.) --David Anderson

Project Drawer additions

-- Kent Karlsson

Find in Project

Switch focus to Project foo

--David Snyder

.tmproj more like .xcodeproj?

--Matt Lilek

I agree with Matt that it's annoying to get the .tmproj modified all the time.

A simple solution would be a Visual Studio-like project file :

So you can add the project file to your source control and put the user file into the ignore list.

--Stéphane de Wit

Project drawer in a separate window

Using two monitors with different resolutions, the project drawer is shown only partly. Therefore it would be nice to tear it of the main screen and place it on the smaller screen.

--Sander Amsterdam

Make new project from open windows

I would like to have an option to make a new project from all open windows (or to add all open windows to a currently existing project, then you could do the 'new window' version with a macro). Other open projects should become sub-folders in the new project. (If you had this then 'search through all open windows' would be a simple macro - make a new project, add all open windows to it, search that project.)

--Will Uther

Double click on project files should open them

Sometimes I want a file from a project in its own window. It seems that double-clicking on the file in the project draw should open that file in its own new window, like the 'Open "Blah" in New Window' contextual menu option. Hrm, or you could make it a preference which of those contextual menu options happens on double-click. At present, double-click on a text file does nothing.

--Will Uther

New project manager

I really don't like the drawer for managing a project. In my ideal editor, the project would be managed in a special view that could replace the texteditor view with a keystroke.

--Mattias Holm

Color and Shading of Tabs

For some reason, the color and shading of the tabs keeps tripping me up. I expect the active tab to be shaded with the selection color (which is that blue by default on OS X) and the inactive tabs to be clear. That's how it is all over the Mac OS X GUI. TextMate seems to follow Firefox, which uses a white background for the active tab and a shaded background for the inactive tabs. Perhaps this could be a user-selectable option?

--Dave Stearns

Close all but this Tab

I'd like to be able to right-click a tab and say 'close all but this tab'

--David Lowenfels

Background color of tabs / files in project

The project I'm working in has a lot of files. I'm spending a lot of time scrolling to the right file every time. If the files would show the color label from Finder as background color, I would find them much faster.

A second option: the background color of the files in the project list indicates how long ago the file was edited. Today: red, one week ago: 50% red, two weeks ago: white. Since we don't always work on all the files from a give project, this way we can easily see which are the files I've worked on recently. Actually this would be a great option for OS X, not only TextMate...

--Abe Pazos

A Textmate Project Manager with semantic cross-platform data

The Dream Textmate - GTD - Project Manager - File Manager - Mail Manager - Collaborative tool can be made TODAY. By freeing each chunk of data and embedding a semantic vocabulary - think , , among others.

A simple markdown document can be titled-authored-dated-tagged and future event, relationship, etc can be embedded. Then the document can be Prince-ed into a full semantic pdf, searchable across platforms and web, or can remain as a lightweight .txt . file, requiring little space and cpu, and easily searchable and indexed.

Likewise, mail messages, threads can be singled out, tagged-authored-dated and processed, and finally saved as semantically readable individual entities than can freely propagate across machines, networks and internet.

Pieces of data needs to be kept separated, and embedded in metadata everybody will be able to understand. All this can be done right now.

A zip archive, project, action, mail message, bookmark, event, address, image, video, etc can all become ONE, and one become ALL.

The abilty to sort items in the project pane is essential

If you're working with large projects then TM can be maddening when you're trying to locate a specific file or directory in the project tree.

I'd also like the ability to sort project items 'folders first' (al-la Windows) rather than have folders interspersed with files.

--Steve Griffiths

Simple project drawer requests

1) Would like a preference setting as to which side the drawer opens on by default (rather than the current "smart" drawer that decides which side has more open screen real estate).

2) Would like a keyboard shortcut to "flip" the drawer to the other side of the textmate editing window.

-- Tyler Gingrich

Horizontal scroll in tab bar

It would be really nice if the tab bar would be horizontally scrollable in case there are many open tabs. Firefox does this right, it's much easier to access 'far right' tabs... Many mice nowadays allow for horizontal scrolling (and the MacBook trackpad, for that matter)

-- frank b.

I would like it very much if the drawer's "deleted references" were saved in the project file. It would be nice to be able to view the same code tree from "different project's points of view", by masking out irrelevant directories. Remembering how the drawer's layout would be a good addition too, though I realize that is more of a "GUI" suggestion.

+1 for deleted references to be saved in the project

-- Gustavo Delfino

Option for TM leave the scroll position of the drawer/sidebar alone

It is frustrating TM recognizes a change in files or folders and then moves the scroll position of the drawer as a result. I usually have the drawer scrolled to a specific position for a good reason, and I don't want TM to change it on me. Even if this means that there is a bunch of empty space below the last file as a result, I still don't want things to move unless I move them.


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