This page shall hold our efforts to standardizing the HTML output of TextMates various build, preview and such commands and produce a nice (user overridable) CSS theme with Uniform Styles.


  • We probably want some sort of template and standardized ID’s
  • Some of us want a bright on black theme to match the overall TextMate look and don't get blinded at night by a bright white Preview window :)


I have submitted the first version to the SVN and made use of it in the Markdown Syntax Cheat Sheet. Check it out and give me feedback if you like.


  • The user should be able to override the default styles and include additional styles/themes
  • The selection of a theme should be persistent, either globally or per filetype, like TM remembers Language Grammars per file type. √ (Thanks to Allan.)

What we have

Note: The † indicates things I have touched already, please leave it.

The list should be pretty much complete as of now


  • Blogging
  • CTags
  • GTD
  • GTDalt
  • Hotkey
  • LaTeX
  • Markdown “Syntax Cheat Sheet”
  • Movable Type
  • Mercurial
  • Perl “Help” (This is just a big <pre> right now and could be beautified)
  • Perl “Documentation for Word / Selection”
  • PHP Code Completions
  • Python “Documentation for Module” (OMG this is most ugly! :)
  • Python “Documentation in Browser” (seems to be broken?)
  • R “Show in R Help”
  • Regular Expressions
  • Shell Script “Documentation for Word / Selection (man)”
  • SQL
  • Textile (redirecting to a nice Website)
  • TODO
  • XCode

  • various Help items


  • Blogging
  • Bulletin Board
  • Markdown
  • Movable Type “… Preview”
  • MultiMarkdown
  • Perl “View POD as HTML”
  • reStructured Text
  • Textile
  • XML “Validate Syntax”
  • TODO “ Show TODO List”
  • etc.


  • D Build
  • Java “Compile & Run Single File”
  • LaTeX “Typeset & View (PDF)”
  • SCons
  • XCode “Build”, “Build and Run”, “Clean”
  • etc.


  • AppleScript “Run”
  • LaTeX “Run Makeindex”
  • LaTeX “Run BibTeX”
  • Lua “Run”
  • Makefile “Run”
  • OCamlMate
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • PyMate
  • Python “Run Project Unit Tests”
  • RMate
  • Regular Expressions “RegExp Test HTML” (Did I break this?)
  • RubyMate
  • Ruby “Run Focused Unit Test”, ”Run Rake Task”, “Show for Current File / Project”
  • Scheme “Run Script” / “Evaluate Selection”
  • Slate
  • SQL “Execute Line / Selection as Query”
  • SQL “Table Browser”
  • Standard ML “Run in SML”
  • Symfony “Run Test Suite”
  • Tcl
  • XCode
  • etc.

SVN et al.

  • CVS “Commit”
  • Darcs “Changes”
  • Darcs “What’s New”
  • Diff “Selected Files in Project Drawer (HTML)”
  • Mercurial “Update”, “Commit”, “Status”, “Log”, “Annotate”
  • Subversion: all kinds of things, Blame
  • SVK: all kinds of things