I'm sure this is already on your todo list. Personally, I need a Preference Pane to allow me to change the colors used for syntax highlighting. Actually, for a first cut, IMO, it only needs to control the colors, not the patterns, highlightPairs, etc.

I'm very old-school so I always work on a black background. Unfortunately, because many of the "patterns" in the .plist files have a "backgroundColor", there is no simple way to get a black background with TextMate. I estimate it would take me waaaay too long to tweak all the files I need by hand.

Yes, something like this is certainly planned and I've commented on the issue a few times on the mailing list.

There will be style sheets to separate styles from the actual grammar, but it'll allow a bit more than just that, which is one of the reasons I don't add any GUI for the existing, as it's more or less a prototype. No reason to spend development resources on improving this when something much better is planned.

Allan Odgaard

Separate "Search Highlight" syntax fg/bg colors for incremental search hits

Currently, search hits are simply "selected". Unfortunately, not all themes make the selection color truly "pop" in a way that is useful when scanning a screenful of code for a result.

Ideally, this would simply be another kind of "scope selector" (not sure if I'm using the terminology right) in the fonts & colors prefpane, so that I can assign a distinct fg/bg color to items selected as a search result.

I know that I can solve this by making my selection color something obscenely bright, but I don't think that's the right fit for this issue. Text selection is somehting that happens when my attention is completely focused on the cursor and selected region, blaring colors are not needed and would only distract. However, in the search use-case, I'm looking for the exact opposite: blaring, attention-getting colors that make the search hit stand out from the rest of the text on the screen.


-Idan Gazit

Seconded, exactly my thinking on selection vs searching, this would be great!

-Tim Ruffles

Add a reference highlighting feature

Reference highlighting (similar to the feature implemented in the new Visual Studio, Eclipse, Notepad++) is a very nifty feature when it comes to reading code. Essentially highlighting of a reference in a file automatically highlights all instances of this reference in the file.

It would be great for productivity! Thanks!