Arbitrary line length editing

Edit/Cut/Paste for a long single line JSON response (50,000+ characters) is very sluggish currently. Changing the way that lines are handled to make this faster would rock. I suspect that this would be a non-trivial change.

-- Sean Vikoren 15 July 2011

Middle mouse button drag to copy/paste

This is a rather obscure feature from a very old editor: nedit. http://www.nedit.org/help/mouse.php : read the middle mouse button section. What I'd like is the middle mouse button click and drag feature: it copy and pastes what you've highlighted to where the insertion point is. It does this as soon as you release the mouse button, so it's extremely fast.

-- Matt 4 May 2011

Column mode - don't lose focus after deletion

If I select a column of text and delete it, the selection is lost.

Ideally, a zero-width selection should remain - so I can instantly begin typing in the column I just deleted.

-- Glenn 22 Dec 2010

Column mode - backspace

Enable the backspace key in column mode.

-- Glenn 22 Dec 2010

Column mode keyboard shortcut

I'd really like a way to use column mode interchangeably without having to use the mouse. Maybe I'm missing something but I can't see how to do it.

-- Shaun 22 Dec 2010

Shaun: the shortcut is to make a conventional selection, and then perform a single press-and-release of the 'Alt' key.

-- Glenn 22 Dec 2010

Restore cursor position when folding and immediately unfolding

If I don't move the cursor after folding a block, it would be nice if my previous cursor position was restored after unfolding the block. I'd use this all the time, especially when perusing a bunch of new code; "F1 F1" would quickly give me an idea of where I am (am I still in that giant "if" block?) without losing my spot.

-- jibberia 20 Nov 2010

Support for indenting with tabs, aligning with spaces

This is a popular way of resolving the tabs/spaces debate. It lets everyone indent with a different number of spaces, but does not mess with vertically aligned source. I've been trying to work like this, but TextMate assumes all-spaces or all-tabs when re-indenting code, rendering that feature useless for me. Please see below for more details.


-- Chris Lord

Here's a related idea titled "Elastic Tab Stops", I'd love to see this available in TextMate: http://nickgravgaard.com/elastictabstops/

Sectional Background Color labeling

Using colors is a good way to quickly identify something. In the same way as Apple's Finder allows you to label a file or folder with a color, it would be nice to be able to mark a selection of code with a chosen background color.

This could also be useful for, prioritizing code or marking things as "todo" or incomplete.


Show non-printable character in selected area (like e-texteditor)

Alessandro Mek

Seconded! They're distracting when shown all the time, but it's so handy to see them quickly in just a small area!

-- Cory

Add "strikethrough" as another Font style-option in the theme editor

This would be very useful for bloggers and other writers; probably not so important for programmers. I believe, displaying a passage striked out is not possible as of now.

thanks for considering, Dan

Uncomment debug output

When developing for the web many developers tend to use the basic method of echoing out their debug messages and variables. However, setting these debug messages on and off is a tedious task. So when I comment out my debug messages I often use a given syntax (// Debug: my debug message for an example) in PHP so that I later on can search for // Debug: and uncomment these lines.

But I was thinking that since Textmate has knowledge of how comments are used in the different languages that it could use such a syntax that becomes invisible for the eye, but available for Textmate to, with a simple click, turn on and off.

This would clearly boost productivity when developers have hundreds of debug messages to maintain.

Show invisible characters through selection

I find one particular "Pages"-feature very useful: Automatical display of invisible characters in selected text; whenever a passage is selcted (highlighted), the contained invisibles become visible. Not only obviates this the "Show invisibles"-toggle but makes checking for tabs/spaces/returns etc. blindingly fast and intuitive.


I would absolutely LOVE to see true intellisense/autocompletion (without having to use Esc or Alt+Esc) in TextMate. This would be a feature you would need an on/off switch for because not everyone would want it. Could you let us know if this is something that is coming in online hold em or TM2?

Keep up the awesome work!

-- Scott

Ditto. This is the ONLY reason why I still use SubEthaEdit for Python programming.

-- Tiago

Multiple words selection

the 'e' editor for Windows allows selection of multiple words, regardless of their location in a file, and editing them in place simultaneously. This is really cool feature and is missing in TextMate.

-- Martin

Seconded. I really like the multiple words edit, and i think TextMate should have it

-- Andronicus

I created a tciket for this feature: http://macromates.com/ticket/show?ticket_id=4AC5352B


Smart Soft/Hard tab guessing

It would be nice if, when opening a file, TM could adjust itself to whether it uses hard/soft tabs and how big the tabs are by looking at said file. that is, if I open a file using hard tabs, adjust automatically to use hard tabs. If its using soft tabs of 8 spaces, adjust to do that same thing.

Of course I realize thats not what everyone would like, but you could always add the ability to toggle it in the prefs, say a checkbox "Adjust tab settings when opening file" that would be unchecked by default.

Highlight a line via the shell

It would be nice to be able to highlight a line in a file via a shell command. It would be possible to connect the output (warnings and errors) of a compiler wih a file edited in TM.

-- Another Martin

Better handling of large text files

Sadly TextMate seems to really bog down on text files that are only a few megs in size. I frequently need to search/replace/regex files of 5-10MB, and whenever I attempt it, TextMate heads to the beach with sunscreen and a nice big ball of waiting. (This is with 4GB of ram, multicore processor, yadda yadda)

-- Greg Combs

Comment toggling

Sometimes you want to divide certain file into chunks of code, especially on JavaScript when you can't have too many javascript files because it will make the browser use too many requests.

It would be nice to have a way to insert these toggles manually using something like comments.

-- Nadav

Multiselect and better column selection as in E

Column selection is a feature already present in textmate, but would be much less cumbersome if column editing was directly possible without switching from stream selection, like in E text editor, where you just press alt and drag with the keys.

What E has that is missing in textmate (and it's a big one, in my opinion) is the multiple non-contiguos editing, where you could just select various pieces of text, even randomly, with ctrl, and start typing and behaving like column mode. I think espresso has this feature (very flaky, however)

Or, how it is explained in the E wiki: "If you have made multiple selections (or column selections) and start editing, the editor will go into multi-editing mode. In this mode all changes you make are reflected in all selections. You can both insert and delete text and move around in the selected area. When you move the caret outside the selected areas, the editor reverts to normal mode."

All in all, E has a wonderful, fine-tuned editing implementation, which extends the ideas that textmate put long ago, and I think it should be taken as an example.

By the way, shifting text with tab/shift+tab instead of option+tab/option+shift+tab would be better (who wants to replace a selection with a tab character, anyway?), and there are a lot of minor tunings regarding selection/typing behavior.

And what about a horizontal scroll bar in the project pane?


Filter Through Command in TM2

Please add "Filter Through Command..." back to TM2. It was a very useful feature.

--Chris Hiestand