A few things could be done to make the Web Preview window more useful than it currently is:

  • Don't close it when a different tab is selected in the TextMate main window
    • This is much needed, editing html + a css file is tedious the way it is! Leave it open, please?
    • Oh yes! If you think not anyone will love this, make it a checkbox in the Prefs. --nico
    • I second ... wait, third the recommendation. Please, please! CSS is my friend; it should be TextMate's friend, too. -- Paul Cantrell
    • I fourth this. It is a much much needed feature of the web preview. -- Caius Durling
    • I fifth this?? This is terribly annoying... always having to re-open the web preview after making a CSS edit. -- Travis Bell
    • I sixth this. It would be great to have it keep open and refresh after CSS changes! -- John Gallagher
    • I seventh this. - Raymond Johnson
  • If the new tab is a 'web' file, change the Web Preview to display the contents of the newly selected tab. Determining if the file is a 'web' file could be done based on filename, or by having TextMate "treat <type-x> files as HTML" in a similar manner to the way that it can be instructed to treat other file types as text.
  • Store the base-url somewhere in the .tmproj file - this is likely to be the same for all files in a project. Or alternatively, store a hash of base-urls against file paths within the project.
  • Add an option to refresh the Web Preview window if "any" file in the project has changed. This would be useful for anyone editing CSS files and wishes to see the changes immediately.
    • Switching to a css file from a previewed html file, should leave the html preview in view. As much needed as the first point.
      These two points keep me from switching from BBEdit to TextMate although I would love to!!
      -- ae
    • Exactly the same problem here! I really would love to switch to textmate fulltime, but I'm mainly a designer and need to edit HTML and CSS simultaneously and see the result instantly and live! --nico
    • Same here. I would love it. --JB
  • Since the webpreview doesn't do Javascript and is different in a number ways from the way the page will appear in a browser, add an option that invokes Safari (or selected / default browser) with the current page. Also, it would be more useful for testing php and other server-side scripting languages, to be able to pass Safari a url based on http://localhost, enabled if Apache is running.-- Mark Patterson
  • I second the request for more integration with localhost. Ben Mauer

    I'll look into having it do JavaScript. I'm also thinking about a way to rewrite the path to have it go through apache, but for now you can do a command that opens the current page in Safari via localhost: http://lists.macromates.com/pipermail/textmate/2004-October/000701.html
    -- Allan Odgaard

  • It would be great if the "Pipe text trough" textfield could remember the x last paths, having to retype the path every time I change it is not that cool ;)

  • An actual preview of a stand alone CSS file would be great in the web preview similar to CSSEdit's instant preview drawer or styleMaster's Current Design Pane.
  • Please add the HTML file's "title" (not the filename; I mean the contents of the <title></title> tag, if any) to the titlebar of the Preview window.