Wiki Suggestions

It would be nice to have Table of Contents and Section Edit installed.

The suggestion page itself is very messy too. Maybe the PITS would be very usefull (see it in action).

I agree that it’s out of control — I’ll look into the plug-ins when I have a little more time.
-- Allan Odgaard

Update: For quite some time, a ticket system has existed for suggestions.

I'm a little bit familiar with PmWiki. Maybe we can help each other here. Because I really like TextMate, but my demo period is nearly over... ;) - Schlaefer? February 11, 2006, at 10:16 UTC

Could we include TextMate release notes on the Wiki or the main site? I can't find them anywhere.

There is an RSS feed with release notes. Anything else would have to be automated, and I am not going to invest time in that before next major update
-- Allan Odgaard