What we need to do before seeding this:

tm_interactive_read.dylib Source Issues

  • ✓ refactoring (responsibility: Luke)
  • ✓ code review (responsibility: Allan)

Commands Needing Update

  • ✓ Commands using ScriptMate
  • ✓ Java Build & Run
  • ✓ Shell Script runner
  • ✓ Subversion


  • ✓ There is a problem with running untitled buffers, since they are currently given to the interpreter as stdin — it sort of works, but e.g. run an untitled ruby document without a LF on last line, and ruby will continue to read from stdin


Ensure that both the RequestString and RequestSecureString nibs support:

  • ✓ Inputting empty strings
  • ✓ Using the ⌅ and ↩ to input empty strings
  • ✓ The use of ⎋ to close the window (Enter EOF)