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Troubleshooting: Beachball

A few workarounds that might help you:

 1. [Filter unwanted files][] from the project. For example if this is a Rails project, you can exclude the `log`, `vendor` (maybe only `vendor/rails`), and `tmp` folders.
 2. Work with a “static project” instead of a folder reference. This effectively means drag just the source files you need to the project drawer (after creating a new project) rather than dragging folders. A [script exists to clone a folder][1] into such a static project, this gives the same structure as dragging the folder would, but will not update the folder structure — to use the script: save as `` and `chmod a+x` (in Terminal) and run it like this: `./ «folder» > myproject.tmproj`
 3. Work locally instead of over the network.
 4. Try [ReMate]( ([direct download link]( — this is a third-party plug-in and not officially supported.

None of these workarounds are silver bullets, for a real fix you’ll have to wait for TextMate 2.0 (no ETA given).


[Filter unwanted files]:

- - -

If you want to open the file only for reading, you can word wrap it prior to opening it by running the following from Terminal:

    fold -sw80 «file»|mate

This will word-wrap it to 80 columns and pipe the result to TextMate (assumes that you have installed the `mate` helper command, see *Terminal Usage* in the Help menu for that).

For XML you can also use (to pretty-print the XML, rather than word wrap it):

    xmllint --format [--html] «file»|mate

Here give `--html` if the file is actually HTML.

- - -

See also [Find in Project](FindInProject)

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