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  • Answer:* `pbs` is a demon process which talks to running applications by means of interprocess communication. This demon is used to interchange clipboard data between applications, that is, TextMate tells `pbs` that is has clipboard data, or it asks `pbs` for what is currently on the clipboard.

It is the link between this (`pbs`) demon process and some random application (TextMate in the above) which “goes dead”, so effectively TextMate is locked out of clipboard sharing.

Relaunching TextMate is normally not enough, since `pbs` will not see the new instance (it probably thinks it is still talking to the old instance), but relaunching `pbs` tend to work because then all links are recreated.

But really, you will have to talk to Apple to get the real details on how these things work, TextMate uses [NSPasteboard][] for all clipboard activity, which abstracts away these low-level details.


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  • Question:* Why then my other applications are not affected? I can still cut&paste properly to Terminal, Mail and others when TextMate stops working!
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(source: [the ronge blog](


(source: [the ronge blog]( and [Mac Geekery](

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  • Question:* Why does this only happen in TextMate?
  • Answer:* It does not only happen in TextMate, but because copy/paste is such a frequent action in TextMate, it is over-represented among “affected applications”.
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After having killed `pbs` you need to relaunch affected applications. If the problem persists, re-login to your account or reboot.

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  • Problem:* I can’t paste text from other applications into TextMate vice versa.
  • Solution:* This is a system bug and can be solved by restarting the system pasteboard server:
    killall pbs nohup /System/Library/CoreServices/pbs &

(source: [the ronge blog](