The Edit in TextMate input manager is a hack that adds “Edit in TextMate” functionality to NSTextView and WebViews.


Starting with Leopard, input managers are only supported when in /Library and owned by root.

Details are in this blog post and further “step by step” in this mailing list post.

Snow Leopard

Starting with Snow Leopard, most system applications are 64 bit, which does not support input managers at all. It is possible to run 64 bit application as 32 bit (when they include a 32 bit build). See the Snow Leopard troubleshooting page.

Several users reported the Edit in TextMate menu item appeared in the various applications under Snow Leopard, but selecting the item (with focus in a text view) did not do anything.

Checking out latest build seems to solve the problem (which doesn’t contain code changes, so we have no idea what caused the problem in the first place).

If everything fails, try QuickCursor instead.

Garbage Collection

By default Edit in TextMate is not built with garbage collection so it will not be loaded by applications which are built with that.

Key Equivalent (⌃⌘E)

The key equivalent may fail in certain contexts. I have added the following to ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict:

"^E" = "editInTextMate:";

If you don’t already have such file you need to surround the above in braces, e.g. the file will then become:

{ "^E" = "editInTextMate:"; }