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Troubleshooting: KeyBindings

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    If the key in question is ⌃⎋ (to open the bundle menu), then the problem is caused by Apple’s Remote Desktop application, you can disable ARD in System Preferences → Sharing (called _Remote Management_ in Leopard). The _Screen Sharing_ option in Leopard also steals this key combination. from Xcode 4 also grabs ⌃⎋ (bundle menu) per default. It does not even have to be running, just having Xcode 4 installed seems to be enough. The solution is to launch and change the default key combo for "Toggle Front Document Trace" in Preferences to something else.

    If the key is ⌘[ and [ is achieved with ⌥8 on your keymap then the problem is likely that the system has the system-wide Zoom On/Off key bound to ⌥⌘8 — you can go to System Preferences → Keyboard & Mouse and adjust or disable the Zoom On/Off key.

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