Compatibility Issues

  1. Documents/projects are not reopened after a relaunch.

    Workaround: Enter the following in Terminal with TextMate not running:

    defaults write com.macromates.textmate NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool NO

    Make sure this is entered as a single line.

  2. The new accented characters feature (triggered by holding down the applicable key for a moment) results in a second character being inserted. The old method continues to work.

  3. ⌃⇥ (control-tab) does not function to switch between the sidebar and textview in a project window.

  4. Scrolling: The scrollbar color can be hard to see when using the new auto-hide scrollbar type and a dark theme, also scrolling past the edge of a document only shows a white background before snapping back.

    Workaround: Enter the following in Terminal with TextMate not running to always show old-style scrollbars in TextMate only:

    defaults write com.macromates.textmate AppleShowScrollBars Always

  5. On launch will cause several warnings to be shown in, these do not affect usage in any way.

Xcode 4 Related Issues

  1. ⌃⎋ (control-esc) used to open the bundle menu has it's shortcut taken over by Instruments even while it is not running. This can be corrected by changing the key for "Toggle Front Document Trace" to something else in Instruments. (Screen Sharing will also take over this shortcut if enabled.)

~/Library Hidden by Default

When you upgrade the Library folder in your home directory will be hidden. If you would like to access it you can open it from the Go menu in Finder while holding down the Option key. Then the Library folder will be available in the menu.

If you would like it visible permanently you can enter the following line in Terminal:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Edit in TextMate

Starting with Snow Leopard Edit in TextMate only works in applications launched in 32-bit mode. You can get more info on its wiki page.

Moving TextMate After a Clean Install

If you do the normal upgrade process this will not be needed, this is only if you upgrade by performing a clean install.

TextMate keeps your preferences and bundles in two locations:

/Users/«yourname»/Library/Application Support/TextMate/

Copying this file and directory over to your new install will transfer your bundle items and your preferences including your registration info.

If you have installed the mate terminal command you can reinstall it on the new machine by selecting 'Terminal Usage…' from the Help menu.