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Troubleshooting: MountainLion

  1. Gatekeeper

The latest releases of both 1.5.11 and 2.0 have been signed for use with the [Gatekeeper]( "Gatekeeper - Wikipedia") feature. You make sure you have the latest version by checking under the Software Update tab in preferences.

    * [Hipnoterapi Surabaya](
    * [Konsultan Pajak](
    * [Perlengkapan Bayi]( 
    * [GPS Tracking](
  1. Contacts Permission Request

On the first launch after upgrading to Mountain Lion you will get a request to give TextMate access to your contacts. The reason for this request depends on the version you are running:

  • 1.x:** Your user picture is accessed for display in the license registration window. This picture is not sent anywhere, it is only used for display.
  • 2.0:** It accesses your email address as a default to use for crash reporting which you can see in preferences under the Software Update tab. You can disable this reporting or change the address used if you like.

In both cases only your own information is accessed, no other cards are accessed in any way. You can also deny access with no ill effects under both versions.

  1. ~/Library Hidden by Default

When you upgrade the Library folder in your home directory will be hidden in the Finder. If you would like to access it you can open it from the Go menu in Finder while holding down the Option key. Then the Library folder will be available in the menu.

If you would like it visible permanently you can enter the following line in Terminal:

	chflags nohidden ~/Library/
  1. Moving TextMate After a Clean Install

TextMate keeps your preferences and bundles in two locations:

	/Users/«yourname»/Library/Application Support/TextMate/

If you are using the 2.0 alpha you will have two additional locations:

	/Users/«yourname»/Library/Application Support/Avian/

Copying this file and directory over to your new install will transfer your bundle items and your preferences including your registration info. If you have installed the `mate` terminal command you can reinstall it on the new machine by selecting 'Terminal Usage…' from the Help menu for 1.x or from the Terminal tab in Preferences for 2.0.

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