Version 1.1 beta 6 is meant for bundle developers who are going to update the languages to make use of new features (which will then be included in the next public beta).

Update: This page is now obsolete, since 1.1b12 and onward are again official.

On creating new themes (with new names):

Adding a new theme:

In beta 6 there is no way to add new themes, you can only enable/disable settings groups for the existing themes. If you want to add a new theme, quit TextMate and from run:

defaults write com.macromates.textmate OakThemeManagerThemes -array-add '{ name = "Simple theme"; uuid = "'`uuidgen`'"; \ settings = ("04C16970-AE30-11D9-BE88-000D93589AF6", "07B450AE-B2DD-11D9-AF8A-000D93589AF6", "4FCFA210-B247-11D9-9D00-000D93347A42"); }'

This gives you a new theme named “Simple theme” which includes “Basic settings”, "Diff coloring", and “Simple Theme” (the settings).